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    Hansen Bun is the founder of FinzWatch Media Co. He is currently employed in a Home Appliance Manufacturing Company while managing his finance blog & dividend growth portfolio. He is very passionate about writing content that provides knowledge for readers to become a better investor and businessman. Moreover, he has also planned to retire early in his life. By living below his means and investing the money he saved monthly, he hoped he could be wealthy in the near future. Hansen is very determined to accomplish his financial goal since he wants to live free from financial worries and live comfortably during his early retirement.

    Hansen has been in the stock market since early 2007 before the House Crisis that occurred in 2008. He started reading about investing and was inspired by one of the greatest investors, Warren Buffett. He learned how the stock market crash was one of the greatest opportunities to purchase stocks since companies have cheaper valuation. With the $400,000 capital given by his father, Hansen and his brother, Peter turns that initial capital to $700,000 by August 2015. 

    Knowing he needed to be independent on his own, Hansen and his brother decided to split the portfolio. Hansen then created a blog on Dividend Growth Investing and his financial journey towards early retirement. After the stock portfolio split, Hansen managed his portfolio and writing content about stock analysis, early retirement, business strategy, and topics within this niche. He has been doing pretty well managing his portfolio independently and managing to grow the portfolio's value since the split.

    As of 2020, Hansen decided that he would engage in contributing content to FinzWatch instead of his personal finance blog "Dividend Growth Bunny". Working together with a team of contributors in FinzWatch, Hansen wants to provide readers with quality content in the new media website. He will be investing more of his time into FinzWatch Media Company instead of his personal finance blog. 

    Also, he is also in the middle of creating an online store called "Bun's Bargains" that sells a variety of investing and inspirational accessories such as canvas paintings, books, clothing, and more. Also, he has planned to work together with one of his close friends, Christopher Lee, to create an online course website where anyone can apply to learn. Hansen's vision is to make FinzWatch into a media company that provides quality information to visitors who want to learn about investing and business ideas that can be beneficial for the audience. 

    Hansen Bun

    Chris Lee Susanto is another member of FinzWatch contributor is a close friend of Hansen Bun. He graduated from Singapore Top University, where he had his education in finance major. He is a practitioner of value investing and believes in options selling as a tool to enhance his return further. His long-term goal is to achieve a CAGR of 20% over the course of his investing lifetime. 

    Furthermore, Chris has been writing content on value investing in his personal blog called "Re-ThinkWealth". In addition, Chris Lee Susanto has his personal online course website that provides his students and followers the knowledge of Value Investing. He is very determined to become a great financial guru teaching students about investing in the stock market. He believes utilizing the stock market can make someone wealthy, and he applied this strategy to his own personal finance and his teachings to his students.  

    Together with the FinzWatch team, Chris Lee Susanto wants to create this media company valuable to visitors to learn how to become a better stock investor. He will share knowledge and information on what stocks might be an excellent investment opportunity. Moreover, he will share his stock positions that he is currently managed in his portfolio. He hopes that by sharing information and knowledge, he can become a better and successful investor himself. 

    Christopher Lee Susanto

    Stanley Yap is the co-founder of FinzWatch Media Company. He is not a stock investor but a great property investor. He started working as a property agent in his early 20s; he now owns and runs a property agent company called Prop2Go that provides service to clients who want to purchase or sell properties worldwide. He is doing very well himself managing his parents' company and offers excellent services to clients who choose him as a real estate agent.

    Stanley will be a contributor to FinzWatch educating visitors on how to invest in real estate. With a long experience in the property market, he had developed knowledge of how someone can profit from investing in property. He also has a team of workers that will provide aid and assistance in creating video content for FinzWatch. Working together with the FinzWatch team, Stanley wants to create this media company to be a useful source for audiences worldwide to have a higher understanding of the real estate market. 

    Moreover, Stanley has a team that works for him in his real estate agent company. His team will help aid FinzWatch Media Company when needed. A strong team from Prop2Go will enable FinzWatch to perform great. They will be the key factors in how FinzWatch will manage to create high-quality content for its audience. 

    Stanley Yap

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