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    FinzWatch Media Co. is a financial media company that is subsidiary from Prop2Go Property Agent Company. FinzWatch monetizes its business by providing advertisements posted in its website for a monthly charge to client. In addition, FinzWatch also earns its money by collaborating with Google Adsense.

    FinzWatch Media Co. even though it is new and not known by many yet, the team, however, does have an ambitious plan and vision to grow and become the number one source for visitors who wants to be updated with the financial news around the world. We want to provide investment contents that provide aid to readers who want to educate themselves to become a better investor and businessman. Aside from becoming the number one financial media company, the company will also be involved in businesses such as online courses and online e-commerce business.

    Cash Flow Hobby will be an online store that sells a variety of investment enthusiast accessories. Hansen Bun believes that placing Cash Flow Hobby online store as a part of FinzWatch Media Co. businesses can synergize the company. People who are loyal visitors to FinzWatch will have the option to also purchase their favorite investment accessories such as canvas, books, clothes and many more.

    Re-Think Wealth Online Academy an online course media that was originally founded by Chris Lee Susanto will be another business model in FinzWatch Media Co. Hansen Bun believes that having to work together with Chris Lee Susanto can benefit FinzWatch to become a source for people who are interested in the online courses that we provide.

    We hope FinzWatch Media Co. can deliver great services to the audience from all over the world. With different businesses that will be a part of the FinzWatch business model, our team believes that we are able to provide the best to our customers.

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