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    FinzWatch Media Co. is a brand new media company founded by Hansen Bun and his friends. FinzWatch team up with other established businesses such as Prop2Go, Black Boulder Capital, Re-Think Wealth and Dividend Growth Bunny. Hansen believes that by working together as a team, FinzWatch Media Co. will become a major player in the financial media world.

    Prop2Go is a property agent company founded and run by Stanley Yap. This property agent company has been around for a long time providing great services to clients who are interested in purchasing or selling properties. The company has great team of workers such as video editor, marketer, any many more. Working together with Prop2Go team will aid FinzWatch to succeed in its mission to become a successful finance media company.

    Black Boulder Capital is a private equity and asset management company based in Indonesia that focuses on investing in small to mid-sized businesses that have potential. The company actively explores and invests in businesses across many industries. Black Boulder Capital will be a partner to FinzWatch Media Co. providing aid that will be required to expand the business.

    Re-Think Wealth is a finance and stock investment blog that was founded by Chris Lee Susanto. Partnering with Re-Think Wealth will be essential to FinzWatch Media Co. business in the long term. Re-Think Wealth will provide content contributions to FinzWatch media website. In addition, the company will be working together with FinzWatch to create online courses for students who are interested in learning about stock investment, building online-ecommerce business, property investment and many more.
    Dividend Growth Bunny is a finance blog that was founded by Hansen Bun. As a blogger, Hansen want to provide contents to FinzWatch just like he did with Dividend Growth Bunny. Hansen believes that with the skills he gain from building and running his personal finance blog will help FinzWatch in the long run. Instead of working on his personal blog, Hansen wants to put more hours and time into FinzWatch. He hopes with the team and partners he is working with can help make FinzWatch to be a successful media company.

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