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    Finzwatch is a new financial media company that was established in Indonesia, Jakarta. Started as a personal finance blog that was founded by Hansen Bun, he always wanted to create a platform where investors, students, and anyone who wants to gain knowledge and information in the investing and business world. Hansen and some of his close partners decided to create a new finance media platform called FinzWatch.

    Before explaining what FinzWatch is, let us introduce the founders of this website: Hansen BunStanley Yap, and Christopher Lee Susanto. The three of them, each having their expertise led to the creation of FinzWatch. 

    Hansen Bun, a stock investor and a blogger of Billionaire Bunny, has been in the stock market since the year 2007. Moreover, Hansen has experienced with the stock market since the housing recession in the year of 2008. Through trial and error, he has managed to turn his initial capital that was given from his father to an amount that performs close to the S&P500 return. Hansen has been working in his dad's manufacturing company since 2013, which has led him to make a decision to start saving and investing in his future. Hansen decided to create his dividend growth portfolio into an asset that one day will provide him with dividends (passive income). He believes working on accumulating his portfolio value and working on side businesses will give him the ability to retire early. 

    Furthermore, Hansen has worked in a few online platform projects that are still under development. For example, aside from his finance blog, he is also developing an online e-commerce shop "Bun's Bargains" that sells a variety of investment and motivational related products. Hansen wants to dedicate this online shop to sell goods to customers who are looking for bargain deals. He is planning to add other merchandise in the online store such as electronic gadgets and accessories in the future. This online store will be a subsidiary of the FinzWatch Media business model.

    Stanley Yap, on the other hand, is a CEO of a property agent company called Prop2Go. The company is based in Jakarta, Indonesia that aids clients purchase and sell properties using their service. He has experienced in the real estate sector and develops knowledge in property investing. He started working as a real estate broker outside of his family's business. From there, he acquired experience and expertise to manage his real estate agency. He now has a strong team that is currently working for him. With his strong leadership and ambition, he wants to be one of the top real estate agents in Indonesia. He is also selling real estate projects that are offered in Indonesia and other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and many more.

    Hansen and Stanley met each other in the year of 2019 through a small gathering. They find each other to have the same goal and vision in life, which is to become a great businessman. It didn't take too long before they found that working together in this media company would be a great idea. With the same passion and vision, they felt that partnering up would benefit each other tremendously. 

    Also, Hansen recruits one of his close friends, Christopher Lee Susanto, who is the founder of Re-Think Wealth to work together in this new media company project, FinzWatch. Christopher Lee operates his finance blog and offers students his value investing mentorship online. Moreover, he also invests in the U.S. stock market, where he manages a six-figure portfolio. He has able to outperform the S&P 500 since the inception of his portfolio, which led him to become a financial guru in value investing. 

    Hansen has planned with Christopher Lee to create online courses available for anyone to sign up in the future. They want to use Re-Think Wealth Online Academy into a platform where they can create online courses on a subject that is around stock investing, real estate investing, online e-commerce, YouTube, and much another finance-related niche. With many other future side businesses, FinzWatch Media, aside from being a financial media platform, will be a business that offers visitors an easy online shopping experience to great bargains and also online courses for students.

    From this team collaboration, we hope that Finzwatch will be a media company that provides news content that is happening in the financial market around the globe. FinzWatch will also provide contents that cover various investing topics, business startups, stock analysis, personal finance, passive income, wealth management, investment property, rental property, and retirement topics. Hansen Bun wants to make FinzWatch a media platform that provides content for readers to be more knowledgeable in the stock market and property investing and other financial topics.

    With a strong and effective team, FinzWatch will be a media platform that creates quality content for readers to view. There will also be content in video format for viewers to watch and learn. Videos will be available on the FinzWatch YouTube channel for anyone to watch. We hope that FinzWatch will provide content for visitors who want to learn about growing their personal development to become a better businessman as well as an investor. Furthermore, we also want to make sure visitors are updated in the financial market around the globe. So please follow FinzWatch social media accounts now so that you will be automatically informed with the latest content!

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