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    13 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

    Living in a third world country is difficult since people don’t make much money, like the people living in developed countries like the United States. I lived in developed countries such as Singapore and the United States during my childhood to my early adulthood for my education. After graduating from San Francisco State University with a finance degree, I left San Francisco without realizing the job opportunities I have when I was still in America. 

    If I’m able to turn back time, I would happily try to apply for a job in America since the jobs over there pay more. To be born and working in a country such as the United States is an advantage to accumulate wealth. Even Warren E. Buffett mentioned that he is grateful and lucky to be born in the United States. 

    People can make more money working in countries like the United States since their currency is much stronger and have better living standards than most other countries. For example, a sanitation worker working in America makes way more money than a sanitation worker working in a third world country. They can afford to purchase a car, a house, and have a high-quality lifestyle. Unlike the sanitation workers in a third world country, they have trouble even find income for food in their daily life. 

    Since I’m currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia, I don’t have many options to find high paying jobs like in America. Most jobs in Indonesia pays very little and challenging for anyone to accumulate wealth. This experience made me value the hardship my parents went through for my brother and me to have our education abroad. I feel fortunate to be able to learn many valuable skills, such as speaking English and Mandarin because of the education I received in the past. Knowing the hardship, my parents went through to have me and my brother have a better education made me not give up.

    Knowing the earning disadvantage of living in my country doesn’t stop me from finding a solution to make money. I want to find alternative ways of getting income besides the monthly paycheck I’m receiving from my dad’s company. With extra money earned, I’m able to invest and compound my portfolio, giving me the potential to reach my financial freedom earlier. The Internet has provided many opportunities for people like me to make money online. In this article, I want to share my research on ways anyone can make money online.

    1. Be a Blogger
    Becoming a blogger is one way you can utilize the Internet to make money. If you read my previous article about alternative income, a blogger can utilize their website to earn passive income. If your blog provides value for readers and has many excellent content and articles, you can monetize it with Google Adsense. However, to be able to be accepted by Google Adsense require you to follow their strict rules. You’ll need to have many great content and articles that bring value to your readers. 

    I recommend that if you want to become a blogger, you’ll need to find your niche before starting one. I already found mine for my blog, which covers a variety of Alternative Income, Investing, Stock Analysis, Personal Finance, Passive Income, Wealth Management, and Early Retirement topics. Also, the blog will cover my journey on attaining my financial freedom through Dividend Growth and Value Investing

    I believe that you can make money from blogging since I have seen many successful bloggers on the Internet. Many of them make the blog as a side business while still working; however, many bloggers who became successful eventually monetize the blog as their primary business. By that, their side business becomes their primary source of income since they can make more money from blogging than their previous job. 

    There are many ways you can make money from blogging since if the blog becomes viral and successful; you can do many things to profit from your blogs, such as selling your products, courses, endorsement, and many more. Hopefully that in the future, my finance blog can be successful and profitable. However, even if I don’t make it in the blogging world, I still enjoy writing content since the niche is what I’m passionate about. 

    I’m happy to write contents that help others improve their financial life through investing and other financial tips my blog provides. In addition, I believe sharing my experience and thoughts helps others and me to become a better investor and, at the same time, educate myself to be a better businessman. Aside from trying to profit from this blog, I believe that this blog enables me to meet people who have the same financial goal and dream as me. It’s not always about making a profit, but being able to have a community of people who share the same passion makes me happy. 

    2. Start YouTube Channel
    Becoming a YouTuber is similar to becoming a blogger. A YouTuber requires you to have skills in making and editing videos. As a You Tuber, you’ll need to create valuable video content for viewers to watch. You can monetize your YouTube Channel by applying Google Adsense service with the requirement of having 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers on your channel. 

    There are many successful YouTuber who make a living through posting video content. Their income from Google Adsense can go up to a hundred thousand to millions of dollars, depending on the number of subscribers on their YouTube Channel. Hard work, dedication, and patience are, of course, required to be a successful YouTuber. 

    My recommendation to become a successful YouTuber is to have your niche of the audience that will watch the videos you created and posted on YouTube. For example, a niche of an audience if I was going to create a YouTube Channel will content related to Finance, Wealth Management, Stock Investing Tips, Dividend Growth Investing, and Saving Tips. You’ll need to decide what type of content you will be offering to your audience. I suggest content that you have a high interest in. That way, you will make video content because you enjoy making them and not feeling as if it’s your job.

    Last but not least, you’ll need to be consistent. You can’t half-ass your way through it. If you want to become a successful YouTuber, you need to put the hours and dedication into it. Like in anything you want to succeed in, it could be getting fit and losing weight, but without commitment, you won’t succeed.

    I haven’t created YouTube content yet since I’m not that experience in creating video and video editing. However, I have a YouTube Channel FinzWatch, but no video contents have been published. I’m planning to have a thousand articles posted on my blog before entering the YouTube business. 

    There is more traffic for a YouTube channel since people prefer to watch videos compared to reading articles of a blog. It’s much easier to watch a video compared to reading an article. I don’t want to get distracted in making videos at the current moment, but to focus my time producing quality content for my blog before I make quality content for my future YouTube Channel. Besides, I still need to learn new skills on how to create YouTube videos and edit them.

    3. Becoming Freelancer Online
    I believe freelancing online can provide alternative income that you are looking for. There are many ways you can utilize the Internet to make money for the skills you have. Websites such as UpWorkGuruFreelancerAmazon Mechanical Turk, and another similar website for tasks and projects can be accessed through your computer at home. 

    The great thing about using these sites is that you can work from anywhere in the world. People such as me living in a third world country can utilize these websites to make more income than the minimum wage in the country they stay in. Since I have access to the Internet and a computer that I can use, I can earn extra cash using these websites. Also, I like working on current projects using these websites because I can work whenever I feel like it. I can schedule the time I think of working. Unlike working in companies that usually require you to work at a certain time like nine to five, this website gives you a better option of when you want to work. 

    Moreover, knowing my disadvantage of living in a country that pays meager wages for services gives me the advantage of utilizing it. I’m able to hire people to do the projects and jobs that have been given and hire a professional competent to work on the project in my country.

    4. Be a Content Contributor for Seeking Alpha
    If you have knowledge of stock investment and stock analysis and can write articles in English without grammatical mistakes, I would recommend contributing your stock investment-related content with Seeking Alpha. You can earn money based on traffic, content topics, and high quality for exclusive articles. 

    Moreover, if your article is selected as a PRO Top Idea (They publish one Top Idea per day), you are guaranteed to be paid a minimum payment of $1,000. I have already applied to become a content contributor for Seeking Alpha; you can click on this link to see my profile on Seeking Alpha and be sure to follow my account. Due to lack of time, I haven’t contributed many articles in Seeking Alpha yet. However, I have seen people who use this website for their careers. They post many valuable articles to their readers and have many followers following their account page in Seeking Alpha. 

    One of my favorite Seeking Alpha contributors is Sure Dividend. I read many of his articles since the contents he provides are related to my dividend stock strategy. In the future, I am planning to write content articles related to dividend growth investing and analysis on Seeking Alpha. From this, I hope to establish an alternative income aside from my main job working for my dad. I’m also attracted to this method of making money since I enjoy analyzing dividend-paying stocks and giving tips to readers of attractively priced stocks.

    5. Start Online Store
    If you like selling things or have products of your own that you like to sell, then starting an online store could be a great way to make money online. You can use many e-commerce platforms for your online business, such as ShopifyWixBigCommerce, and SiteBuilder

    Making an online store with these e-commerce platforms is not that difficult, and there are many beautiful templates you can choose for your online store. Having an online store is a great side business for anyone seeking to make money on the Internet. However, the problem is not about building the online store but also about what products you want to sell and how you market them efficiently. 

    If you have trouble searching for products you want to sell, I recommend you go to B2B websites such as Alibaba.comAliexpress.com or DHGate.com to find products manufactured and sold from China. Here you purchase goods in wholesale delivered to your home. You can make decent money by selling them on your online store. These websites also provide drop shipping services that enable you not to carry inventory and have the product shipped from the main source. 

    The negative side of using this service is that your customer would take a long time to receive the merchandise since it’s going to be shipped from overseas. So it’s best if you have your products and merchandise that you already have to be sold.

    6. Becoming Search Engine Evaluator
    Becoming a search engine evaluator is one method you can make money online. Companies such as Appen and Lionbridge like to hire people to work from their homes. Your job is to evaluate search engine results to determine whether they are relevant or not to term typed in. In other words, you are responsible for sites like Google or Bing to provide users with the relevant results for their search terms. 

    These websites hire home-based workers as independent contractors, not employees, and require them to be self-motivated and Internet savvy. A website like Appen can pay as much $13 per hour, but the rate is not fixed since the final payment is determined by the amount of work you complete. So if you are fast at work, you can have extra time to rest. Unlike 9 to 5 jobs, the hours Appen provide is flexible, which means you can arrange the time you want to work, as long as you completed the required 200 tasks per month. However, be aware that you are still required to track your progress, which can be a little exhausting. 

    Many beneficial factors are working as a search engine evaluator online since you can work in your own hours, no dress code needed, and have excellent pay and incentives. These companies do a great job of matching their freelancer up with the projects they love doing.

    7. Becoming a Transcriptionist
    This job requires you to listen to video and audio files and turn them into text by transcribing the content. Some projects require you to subscribe word-for-word while others may just involve writing up a short summary. The work is quite repetitive. So you will have to listen to the same audio over and over again in order to be sure you have transcribed the content perfectly. 

    There are facts on the Internet that mentioned becoming a general transcription can pay at least $15 per hour, but some often make about $25 per hour. Those who specialize in legal or medical transcription can make an even higher wage per hour. The exact amount you earn as a transcriptionist depends on the company you are working for, how much work is available, and the speed you get the task done. So it’s in your best interest to be quick and accurate as possible to maximize your earnings. I have listed the websites below where you can apply for these jobs. 

     - Rev
     - Speechpad
     - Quicktate
     - Tigerfish
     - Crowdsurf

    I think these jobs can help you provide extra income on the side. You can work from anywhere in the world, which means people like me who live in a third world country can do the job. Also, you have the flexibility of hours you want to commit to the task. And when the job is done, you’ll have the money transferred to your bank account. 

    8. Virtual Assistant
    This is a lucrative opportunity for people who wants to work at home. As a virtual assistant, you are responsible for taking a wide variety of secretary work and usually receive training for specific tasks. Each client or company you work with have their own process for things to be handled. 

    In order to succeed in becoming a virtual assistant, you’ll need to be a good communicator, understand things quickly, and have excellent quality work. It’s expected that most beginner virtual assistants that start can earn from $10 to $15 per hour, and an experienced virtual assistant can make up to $30+ per hour. I have listed the companies you can work as a virtual assistant below.

     - Byron
     - Time Etc.
     - Boldly

    I believe working in these companies is excellent if you try to make some extra cash as a part-timer. There are high demands for virtual assistants to help a pool of clients willing to pay for your service. 

    9. Customer Service
    There are a lot of home-based customer service jobs available on the Internet. Most only require you to have a high school diploma and some related work preferences. This is a great home-based job option for people who just begin working. In addition, most of these companies provide stable hours for you to work, and the pay is a pretty decent amount that ranges from $13-$15 per hour, while top performers can earn up to $22-30 per hour. 

    The only challenge is that you’ll probably just need some essential equipment like a headset, a home phone line, and a decent computer to get started. These jobs are great for people like those who live in a third world country. Since I understand the English language, this job can be an opportunity for me since the pay is excellent if I compare it to the earning rate in Indonesia. I list the website you can work below.

     - Liveops
     - Nexrep

    10. Data Entry
    This is another job you can work that you can work from your home or any part of the country. The jobs usually require using equipment or software to input data into a company’s system. The most important thing is that you are organized and dedicated. 

    I know this job may seem tedious, but the tasks are simple and can help you earn some extra money while you stay at home with your family. Be wary that there are some works from home scams surrounding data entry work, so you’ll need to be careful. If you want to know where to start, you can see the list below that provides this job.

    11. Online Tutor
    Yes, you read it right. You can be an online tutor working from your home. The need for online tutors is growing tremendously. One example is becoming an English tutor. There are many apps that are looking for native English speakers to help their students, often through simple conversation. 

    Even if you don’t have experience as a teacher, speaking English fluently can help you get a job on the Internet. Beyond the English-teaching market, there are also niches for those who can tutor middle school students with their homework assignments and more general tutoring positions available online to assist students at all levels with their learning. I have listed some websites you can apply to become an online tutor.

     - Cambly
     - VIPKID

    I think these websites provide many who have a passion for teaching others. Not only are you limited to becoming an English tutor, but you are also able to aid middle school students with their daily homework assignments. With the aid of the Internet, there are a lot of job opportunities such as this that open the job market for many people with different skills. 

    12. Answering Questions
    Having excellent skills are being used to many people trying to make money online; however, you can also use the skills using your knowledge. There are various sites out there that will pay you to do research, answer questions, or be an on-call expert. For example, if you have a nursing degree. You can monetize your skill by answering the medically-related question. I list the sites you can use to these opportunities.

     - 10EQS
     - Maven
     - Wonder

    I think the sites are great for people who are skilled in a certain thing and have an education in that particular field. I graduated with a finance major from San Francisco State University and have the skill of giving financial advice. I can use these sites to help others with their financial decision making or investment. These sites can be great for many who have extra spare time at home who wants to make extra cash. 

    13. Website or App Testing
    One major part of a new design process requires that a particular project work properly as intended. There are tons of websites and apps out there that are needed to be checked, and you can be making some extra cash by becoming the tester. The test usually pays testers, and it can range to $10 per test. 

    I know it’s not a lot of money, but spending 10 minutes of your time to make easy $10 is not that difficult. You’ll generally be given a website or app to look at along with a series of instructions that you need to follow. After that, you’ll have your voice and screen actions recorded, or you can write a short report afterward on how the website or app worked. It’s pretty simple, right! I listed these opportunities below.

     - TryMyUI
     - UserFeel
     - User Testing 

    I think doing these in your free time can be a fun activity to earn some extra cash. I know it might not be much money, but an additional $10 just for a few minutes of your time can be significant. You can use the money to buy the Pizza you are craving for. As for me, living in a country like Indonesia, $10 can equal a day’s worth of work. I know people in my country who work hard labor work to earn $10 a day. So I think these sites I provided can be beneficial for those who want to make some extra cash just by trying a website or apps out. 

    The Bottom Line
    Even though I don’t have the earning advantage, like many people who lived in developed countries like America, the Internet has opened a career field. The education that my dad has financially given me allowed me to be able to speak and write English fluently. I’m fortunate that I learned English as my second language at a young age. This gives me the ability to have the skills and foundation to seek jobs based in developed countries through the Internet. 

    I hope from this article help readers know that there will always be opportunity online for anyone who is looking to make some income to pay the bills or invest. It’s great to take these opportunities if you want to build an additional alternative income. Most importantly is for you to have the dedication and commitment to seek opportunities that you can monetize. Remember earning more income can help you invest more aggressively towards your goal to early retirement.

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