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    How did Graham Stephan Become a Millionaire YouTuber and Real Estate Broker

    Graham Stephan is one of the most respected YouTubers who teaches about personal finance, real estate, stocks, and content related to this niche. He skipped college and chose to venture into real estate. Little did he know that decision would make him on the path to incredible success. With his only high school diploma in hand, Graham realized that college wasn't the choice he wants to make. He had other visions for his life, and although still young, he made the life-changing decision to obtain his real estate license. During his career path as a real estate agent, he sold many luxury properties and made a good living from it.

    He didn't stop there, as he was curious and ambitious at the same time. For years, he watched YouTube videos religiously instead of Television. And one day, he decided to give YouTube a try for himself. He now had become one of the most successful YouTuber who has millions of subscribers following his channel.

    I am curious about Graham Stephan's success on the Internet and decided to do thorough research about his success and what he did to become successful. Since I want to become a YouTuber for FinzWatch channel lead me to learn more about Graham Stephan's journey to success. In this article, I would like to share the secret of how a regular person like Graham Stephan can become a successful YouTuber that made millions of dollar.

    He Started Early in his Career Path and has a Financial Goal.
    Graham Stephan started in real estate when he was just 18 years old. He skipped college to follow his ambitions in the growing world of real estate. Furthermore, he was ambitious about his financial goal and set a goal of how he wanted to become a millionaire before he was 30 years old. However, he ended reaching this milestone when he was only 26 years old.  

    He also had a strict discipline in saving and investing what he earned. Moreover, he also loves to live below his means even though he made a decent amount from his job. He set his monthly budget to a modest $5,000 a month even when he was earning a considerable sum of money from his business ventures.

    Made a Great Choice of Becoming YouTuber.
    Graham Stephan had always watched YouTube more than he watches the Television. He was pretty amazed by the free online application that anyone can use. Because of his interest in watching YouTube videos growing up, he decided to give it a try for his career.

    When he first started, he shot his first video using only just his iPhone. In that video, he shared his tips and tricks for becoming a successful real estate agent. He remembered how his videos only get nine to ten views, but he was amazed at how someone from somewhere was watching his video.

    His first few videos only brought in only a handful of subscribers, but this didn't stop Graham. He then began to upload new content twice a week. From his discipline and dedication to making YouTube videos, his channel exploded. In just one year, his channel earned $26,000.

    Giving Financial Advice Pays Off Big Time.
    Graham's YouTube channel posts a variety of videos. But the majority of the videos focus on seeking financial independence and learning investment strategies. His YouTube channel currently has over 2 million loyal subscribers, and each video gets between 200k to 1 million views.

    He still makes good money in real estate commissions and from his rental properties. However, most of Graham Stephan's income now comes from YouTube. It's pretty amazing to discover how creating content on YouTube can become the number one source of income.

    From this information I found, I personally am interested in becoming a YouTuber just like Graham Stephan. I believe that creating a dedicated YouTube channel for FinzWatch can help me get my name out there in the online world. I just need to be dedicated and hardworking like Graham Stephan to post exciting content about financial advice, stock picks, and contents within this niche.

    Multiple Sources of Income Streams.
    Even before starting his YouTube channel, Graham was well on his way to becoming wealthy. He set a plan and manages his wealth diligently. In one of his YouTube videos, Graham Stephan mentioned the six different revenue sources that he had. His six various revenue sources are Real Estate commissions, Online Courses on Teachable, Rental Income, Primary YouTube channel, Secondary YouTube channel, and last but not least Affiliates and sponsorships. 

    Real Estate commissions: 
    Started as a real estate agent, Graham loves his job a lot. He wasn't able to earn a lot at the beginning, making about $500 to $600 commissions every other week. However, he grew confident after being able to sell his first house nine to ten months into working full time.

    Even after he started seeing success, Graham lived with his dad to save money. After five years of living at home and saving all of his commission money, he had enough in the bank to buy his first property, which he still owns and rents out today.

    Graham moved into his own place in his early 20s and continued to work his way up in the real estate industry, eventually selling between $12 and $20 million worth of real estate a year. That translates to about $250,000 to $500,000 a year in gross commissions.

    Graham Stephan also offers two different courses. The Real Estate Agent Academy teaches budding real estate moguls how to climb to the top.  Moreover, he also discusses the importance of an excellent brokerage, tips to get seller leads, and even how to create the perfect listing presentation.

    In his YouTube Creator Academy, Graham Stephan discusses how to grow a YouTube channel and build it into a six-figure business. He bases his strategies on his successes and failures throughout his journey into building his YouTube channel. Because Graham Stephan had overcome and experienced the journey to creating his YouTube channel, he encountered mistakes and hack to make a successful YouTube channel.

    The classes, which he started selling in early 2018, earned him nearly $30,000 a month. He mentioned how the courses are all online using the Teachable platform that costs $90 a month. Because of the low overhead cost, Graham was able to keep most of the earnings.

    It's pretty impressive how Graham Stephan had created online courses in a certain niche just because he had undergone and overcome. For example, it was because of his success in his YouTube channel; he has the ability to monetize this opportunity to sell courses to people who wants to learn the secret to his success. 

    Rental Income: 
    Graham Stephan also owns and rents out six properties in Los Angeles that he owns. Three of the properties are paid off, and he is paying down mortgages on the other three. He earns approximately $15,000 from his tenants, after factoring in expenses, which include mortgages, property taxes, and insurance, he earns about $5,000 a month in profit.

    Rental properties are a great way to create a passive income stream. Also, the property value only increases in the long run. Graham Stephan has expertise in the real estate world. This gives him the advantage to find great deals in properties, which he then rents out to earn passive income.

    Graham's YouTube channel, Graham Stephan, has over 2 million subscribers and focuses on his real estate industry experience. His YouTube channel earned him, on average, $81,428 a month in 2019, though the most he made was $136,330 in a month. He later launched his second channel, The Graham Stephan Show, in May 2019. This second channel is currently earning him close to $24,000 per month. Stephan estimates that 85% of his total yearly earnings come from YouTube.

    Affiliates and sponsors: 
    Partnerships with various companies earn Stephan an average of $7,222 per month. Due to his popularity, many companies are willing to do sponsorship with him.

    From these six sources of revenue stream, Graham Stephan makes from $61,200 to $221,300 each month. Combine with his frugal personality and commitment to investing, Graham Stephan's net worth only grows exponentially. This is the main reason why Graham Stephan was able to accumulate so much wealth despite his young age. He strategizes his earning potential combine with a strict budget that potentially made him able to save and invest most of his money.

    How Much is Graham Stephan Worth?
    Graham Stephan has an estimated net worth of $6 million, as this article is written (June 2020). And unlike other celebrities who throw away their money on expensive purchases and luxury goods, Graham prefers to reinvest and save his earnings.

    This millionaire entrepreneur saves almost 99% of his income and refuses to spend his money on coffee or designer clothes. He mentioned in an interview that he always enjoys the aspect of not spending money, even when he was a kid. On the weekend, you won't see Graham Stephan shopping at Gucci or Louis Vuitton store. Instead, you may find him in a cheap coffee store or looking for bargains at a typical H&M store.

    For a millionaire like him, Graham Stephan is considered very conservative about his spending. He has a strict budget of only spending about $5,000 a month. I had included a breakdown chart of his spending below. Due to this reason, Graham Stephan was able to accumulate a huge sum of wealth since his income is so high and how low his expenses are. He mentions how he enjoys the challenge of saving and trying to handle his money to grow in value.
    I am very impressed with the discipline and dedication that Graham Stephan has. He somewhat reminded me of the legendary investor, Warren Buffett. Moreover, I am also inspired by how Graham Stephan manages his wealth and finances. Researching him taught me how a person could become wealthy and successful through hard work and dedication. For someone to be wealthy, ones need to be smart with making money decision, and Graham Stephan shows all aspects of these traits.

    Final Word
    From this article, I hope you readers learned how Graham Stephan strategizes and plans out his financial journey to success. Like many typical wealthy people, Graham focuses on the income stream to utilize the earnings to invest and build wealth.

    At his young age, Graham is already a millionaire, and it is fascinating that he made most of his fortune from the online domain. He runs a YouTube channel with a lot of followers who keep up with his financial insights. Moreover, he also focuses on his real estate deals which so far have an estimated sales value of $130 million. He also has his online academy for potential real estate agents and anyone who is interested in growing their YouTube channel.

    Graham Stephan not only finds revenue sources to maximize his income, but he is also very disciplined and consistent about saving and managing his wealth. He didn't become wealthy overnight, but because he has a vision and plan in mind that made him the person who he is today.

    I am very impressed and inspired by Graham Stephan for the work and efforts he puts. I hope from this research of how he became a successful YouTuber and property agent who has built a massive wealth; you readers can try to replicate some of the strategies Graham has implemented it.

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